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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet

HCG Diet: The Common Causes of Stress Eating

HCG Diet: The Common Causes of Stress Eating

Many people experience emotional eating at one time or another and even during the HCG diet. It is when you seek comfort from your food indulgences. Avoid eating chips, chocolates, and junk foods when your stress level spikes up. Emotional eating is a product of tension or stress. The act of eating foods at the peak of your emotions will lead to bad habits. Seeking comfort in foods results to weight gain.

What can Trigger Stress Eating on the HCG Diet?

The triggers of stress eating on the HCG diet are the high stress level. When there is emotional tension, you tend to seek comfort in foods. As a result, you are gaining weight and causes weight loss fluctuations on the HCG diet. Other Triggers of Stress Eating are:

  • Boredom. When you have nothing to do, you often think of food. Activate your lifestyle by shifting your attention to other things to prevent dullness. Read a book, watch your favorite TV series, or play with your pet. These are fun activities that alleviate high-stress levels and prevent you from eating.
  • Habits. The things driven by nostalgia or things from your childhood may trigger emotional pressure. The typical resort for this is eating comfort foods. Stress eating can also be your practice since you were a kid. Change your habits during the HCG diet to continue losing weight.
  • Fatigue. Stress eating sessions occur when you do a heavy task. It consumes energy and leads to tiredness. Avoid getting tired during the HCG diet as your calorie intake has limitations. Take a rest instead of eating foods to prevent eating lots of calories.
  • Social influence. Going out for a box of pizza or two after a tiring day is unhealthy during the HCG diet. Avoid eating out with friends because it will be difficult for you to get back on track once you cheat on your diet. It can be easy to overeat when with friends or family but, it is hard to lose weight.

What are the Coping Tips of Stress Eating during the HCG Diet?

  • Keep a food journal to help you identify the triggers of stress eating and track your food intake. Ensure you eat foods during physical hunger instead of seeking comfort in foods.
  • Think of ways to counteract when you get emotional pressure to prevent eating.
  • Try to do yoga, relaxation, or call a friend to talk to when you are at the peak of your emotions.
  • Inform your doctor if your emotional eating session persists for a week or two during the VLCD.
  • Know the differences between emotional eating VS physical hunger. Emotional cravings want specific foods to eat and, physical starvation is a sign that your body needs more foods to function.

Is Mindless Eating a Product of Stress?

Mindless eating can be an effect of stress or habits. Avoid this habit during the HCG diet to control your calorie intake. Mindless eating is an act of eating whatever you want until you feel discomfort. Increase your focus on every food that you eat during the HCG diet. Store healthy foods in your pantry.