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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet



HCG diet does not allow heavy exercises because it consumes your energy. Heavy exercise is not applicable to the calorie cut down during the HCG diet. Heavy activities do not help in losing weight on your HCG diet. It only triggers stress hormones that will eventually add to your weight. However, light exercises such as yoga and walking are allowed.

Light exercise is a physical activity that does not cause you to break too much sweat. This is a way of exercise that helps in maintaining your cardiovascular health. The common exercises that are allowed on the HCG diet are walking and yoga. These two light exercises are helpful during your weight loss on the HCG diet. It will help in relaxation and boosting your focus on the HCG diet.

How does Yoga help during your HCG diet?

  • Yoga lowers stress and anxiety

Yoga allows your body to relax and decrease the level of the stress hormones. It helps in improving your mental health. You can also learn how to cope up with your feeling and mood. Yoga is the easiest exercise that you can incorporate on your weight loss. See to it that you still have enough energy to do yoga to avoid tiredness.

  • Yoga lowers the risk of depression

Yoga will help you be more physically active. It can boost your focus and renew your mind from emotional stress. Constant stress and pressure are the major causes of depression. This is also helpful in maintaining your weight loss after the HCG diet. You can do a 10 to 15 minutes yoga every morning after your coffee.

What are the benefits of walking during your HCG diet?

  • Walking  helps in burning extra calories

Extra calories are burned through a short walk during your HCG diet. Walking is not a heavy exercise and it does not consume too much of your energy. It helps in burning the extra calories from the foods you eat. Walking is a healthy way of boosting your body’s alertness and strength.

  • Walking helps in preserving your lean muscle

It does not just burn calories but it also helps the HCG in preserving your muscle mass. It helps the HCG in taking off unhealthy fats that are covering your lean muscle. Walking can also lower your risk of having muscle loss. It can also minimize the dropping of metabolic rate as you age. Walking is also helpful in boosting your mood and optimism to finish your HCG diet.