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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet



You made it! Phase 3 is often the source of trouble. It is because it does not require calorie restrictions. It often leads dieters to eat more foods. The protocol says that you can add back the foods except for sugar and starch. You also have to raise the calorie intake. It is because you will no longer inject the HCG hormones in Phase 3. This means that there is nothing in the body that will suppress hunger. You will surely gain if you will not be extra careful. Take note that Phase 3 is far different from the loading phase. Here are some of the guides that will help you:

  • Double the protein intake—still no fats allowed
  • Your fruits must be of 1 to 2 servings each day for one week
  • You can add good fats such as coconut oil and avocados
  • You may have little servings of dairy products
  • You do a steak day and add an apple or tomato—do this if you gain pounds

It is important to do everything in the guide. Do not fail to do Phase 3. This will help you to shift properly. Help your body to adjust properly from the VLCD. What you will do in Phase 3 is an investment in Phase 4. You have to do each phase of the diet. Weight loss is impossible if you fail to do the phases of the HCG diet.

Phase 4 as the finish line

Making it through from phase 1 to Phase 4 is a job well done. You can now add things slowly. You still have to monitor your weight. Be careful of the effect of dairy products. These are great contributors to calories. You will not gain weight easily if you eat a lot. However, you will quickly if you eat back unhealthy foods. You will gain back the weight if you will do the old eating habits. You have to think smart about it.

If you gain too much weight, you can do again the HCG diet process. You wait for at least 6 weeks interval. The interval week must be spent wisely. Continue to eat healthy to catch up on your weight loss. Take note that you are still on the track to weight loss. Remind yourself not to slip again. You cannot just spend money and effort to lose weight and gain it back.