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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet



Losing weight is a challenge. Everyone has their opinion. “One size does not fit all” is the endpoint. Weight loss depends on age and sex. It also depends on how much weight he/she is going to lose. Over how many years, weight is an important issue. Weight loss is more on setting the right goal. It must be doable, specific, and attainable. Shaping your goal means planning your success. This will make you move closer and closer to success. We all know that nothing succeeds like success. Reaching success needs effort and attitude.

How to reward after a success?

We are used to paying ourselves a treat in a restaurant. We reward ourselves with some delicious food as payback for hard work. However, rewarding with food is not healthy. Reward yourself with a thing if you finish a phase in the HCG diet. Instead of buying food, you may go shopping. Buy yourself an expensive thing or simply go out for a movie. Do some small rewards for yourself after a long effort. Rewarding yourself keeps you motivated.

Monitor and observe yourself. This is important to see whether you gain or lose weight. Monitoring the weight is essential. This will help you in keeping your weight low. Monitoring yourself is a way of diet. You will see that you are getting used to the foods. You will not indulge gain in your old eating habits. Your body will slowly adjust as the HCG hormone is at work.

This time, eating habits will change. You eat less without feeling deprived. This is because your brain is reprogramming. You will start to eat slowly and enjoy every meal. Most of the HCG dieters feel satisfied in eating slowly. Veggies and fruits make them feel fuller.

Things that make you succeed

  • Eating in a smaller plate- Small plate, small portions. You will get used to eating smaller without getting hungry. Eat slowly and stop eating before you get full.
  • No Junk foods and alcohol- Cut down calories. Avoid storing junk food or alcohol. Stay away from these things forever. These are a great source of unhealthy fats. Instead, opt for fruits and other HCG-allowed foods.
  • Read the food labels- Be aware of the products that you buy. Reading food labels makes you chose healthier options. It is important to read and be aware of the calorie allowance. If you are not used to reading food labels, choose organic foods. You may have plenty of fruits and veggies. These are low in calories and fats. Fruits and veggies are high in fiber. This is essential for the success of weight loss. Most HCG dieters succeed because they stick to the HCG-allowed meals.