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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet

HCG Diet Guide on using Lotions and Hygiene Products

HCG Diet Guide on using Lotions and Hygiene Products

The HCG diet is keen on your food choices and the products you are applying to your body. It is because the skin is the largest external organ in the body. Be careful with what you are using and ensure they do not contain dangerous ingredients.

During the HCG diet, it is not advisable to have oily foods because it interferes with the mechanism of the HCG. It goes similar to the products you will apply to your skin during the HCG diet. Makeups and other beauty products are allowable but ensure they do not contain animal fat. As far as other cosmetics, the HCG diet permits eyebrow pencils and mascara.

Face, hand, and body lotions or creams are not permissible as they contain animal fats. Moisturizers are not advisable during the second phase of the HCG diet. Pay some attention to the hygiene products you are using because it hinders your weight loss. Losing weight on the HCG diet cannot cause saggy skin. It is not something to worry about because the HCG helps maintain skin health and elasticity.

Do you need to Change your Hygiene Products on HCG?

Yes. Before starting the HCG diet, ensure that you ditch your lotions, cosmetics, shampoos, and soaps that contain oil and animal fat. Any amount of fat in the ingredient can affect the HCG diet by penetrating your skin. Although they do not have a straightforward action, they are one of the typical causes of weight stall. The HCG diet recommends Tiffalina’s HCG Personal Care Products.

What Type of Make-up can you use on the HCG Diet?

You can use powdered foundation and other mineral-based products. Avoid lipstick and foundations that contain oil because they can hinder your HCG diet. For moisturizers, you can use baby oil or mineral oil. Avoid using liquid foundation to avoid issues with your diet.

Can you use your Lotion during the HCG Diet?

No. Avoid using lotions during the HCG diet because they do not work well in reaching your weight loss goal. On the HCG diet, you cannot eat fat or apply them. Your skin absorbs the fat in lotions or creams can cause weight gain. While taking the HCG hormone, keep your beauty options Natural. You can get back to using your lotions when you finish the second phase of the HCG diet.

Why does Oil are not Permissible on the HCG Diet?

Oils are not advisable both in foods and cosmetics because they block the mechanism of the HCG. Avoid taking fish oil supplements or use oily products because it increases the fat-deposition. Personal care products containing oils are allowable on the loading days and maintenance phase. But, avoid them during the second phase of the HCG diet. Read the labels of the product applicable in buying foods and beauty products during the HCG diet.

Is Detox Bath Permissible on the HCG Diet?

Yes. It is permissible but avoids doing it every day. Detox bath improves your relaxation and renews dead skin. You can use Epsom salt and water to soak for 20 minutes. You can also add some herbs for detoxification.