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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet



Your effort on weight loss will be worth it if it works properly on your metabolism. It will also result in a healthy immune system. There are several foods that you can eat on the HCG diet and helps you boost your metabolism. The foods that are allowed on the HCG diet are also a contributor to healthy weight loss. This is helpful to your immune system. Your metabolic rate during the HCG diet will be reset. It will be far more different than your normal metabolic rate. The HCG is responsible for reaching a certain part of your brain to reset metabolism. Your metabolic rate is higher than normal because it is designed to burn fats fast.

As your metabolic rate increases, you have to cut down your food intake. This is to transition to a healthy lifestyle. Do not worry about hunger during the cutting down of calories. The HCG is responsible for curbing hunger and cravings. Thus, prevents hunger pains and other weight gain boosters. The high metabolic rate will help in burning fats that will be used as a source of energy. That is why you will not need more food during the VLCD. You just have to stick to the protocol of the HCG diet especially on eating.

What is metabolism?

This is a process your body uses to burn and produce energy for your body. Metabolism helps you breathe, digest, circulates blood and even think. Raising your metabolism helps you burn calories. It helps in losing weight by resetting your body’s way of processing the calories. Speedy metabolism burns more calories. However, your metabolic rate will slow down as you approach your 40’s. That is why you have to pay attention to weight loss as early as now. There are foods and lifestyle that can help you boost your metabolism during the HCG diet.

What are the foods that help in boosting your metabolism?

  • Spinach- Spinach can help in fighting against several diseases that are caused by weight gain. It has low calories which are fitted during your very low-calorie diet. It strengthens your bones and controls your blood sugar and pressure levels. Spinach is also a cancer-fighting food because of its high fiber content.
  • Blueberries- The high level of antioxidants can also lower inflammation and other diseases. It ends your cravings from sugar, cookies and other foods that have starch. It can also protect the healthy cholesterol in your blood from becoming damaged. It can also protect you from cancer and aging.
  • Watermelon- The high water content can help in hydration. Hydration is important in distributing nutrients all over your body. The high-water content can help in maintaining a high rate of metabolism. It flushes out toxins, extra fats, and food calories during your weight loss maintenance. This is allowed in all phases of the HCG diet except on the VLCD. Watermelon can also lower your blood pressure levels.
  • Broccoli- It has high folic acid, rich in vitamin C, K, and other nutrients. This can help in forming your bones and tissues. Broccoli has properties that fight against free radicals that destroy your body tissues. Broccoli has high fiber content which is very filling that keeps you full throughout the day. Broccoli has also high levels of omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Lean meats- Lean meat also helps in maintaining bone and muscle health. These are the common replacement instead of loading carbs and other unhealthy foods. Lean meat is an excellent source of low-fat protein and vitamin B6. Lean meat can help in shedding more pounds and takes off stubborn fats in various parts of the body.
  • Apples– The high content of fiber can help in digesting foods. Apples can also lower the risk of developing various kinds of cancer and other weight-related diseases. Apples also lower your risk of getting hunger and even cravings. It can be a replacement for sweet snacks that contain high sugar.
  • Oranges- The vitamin C that is rich in orange fruit is a potent aid that lowers your inflammation. This is a portable fruit which you can bring anywhere you go. This is also easy to grab a snack too if you are a busy dieter. It can help you maintain healthy blood pressure and cholesterol level. Oranges can also stop your sugar cravings.

Other tips that will help you lose weight during the HCG diet

  • Get rid of sugar and carbs

A large number of calories from the carbs and sugar will destroy the work of HCG. You are also not allowed to drink any processed beverages. Stay away from soda, fruit juices, alcohol, energy drinks, and even sweetened milk. This is because these beverages contain a high level of liquid calories, sugar, etc. One good substitute for these things is water.

  • Eat more fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables have a high level of important nutrients. These nutrients help in keeping your immune system stable. It promotes healthy weight loss.  Refer to the HCG diet food list for your food options. The HCG diet food list is created and well planned for faster weight loss. It will also help in reaching a healthy eating habit and lifestyle. The foods during the HCG diet are whole and organic. It has low calories and has a high nutritional level.

  • Stay hydrated

Water is not limited during the HCG diet. It helps in maintaining weight loss. It is also helpful in the proper distribution of nutrients in various parts of your body. Water as well as flushes out toxins from your body during rapid fat burning. It also curbs hunger and keeps you full longer until your next meal. You can also have unsweetened tea and coffee.

  • Deal with your stress right away

Stress is sometimes deceitful and causes your body to stop losing weight. It will trigger cravings and only be gone when you eat unhealthy foods. Make sure to deal with stress right away to avoid further complications. High-stress level affects metabolism and digestion. You can overcome stress through sleeping, meditation, and yoga.