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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet

HCG Diet and its Appetite Suppressing Effects

HCG Diet and its Appetite Suppressing Effects

If you are struggling with obesity for years, you need a weight loss plan that will work without compromising your health. The HCG diet is the solution for you. It is a combination approach of a VLCD and daily shots of the diet hormone to increase your weight loss. The HCG makes a difference with your weight loss effort with other regimens. It also has several benefits for your overall health.

The HCG sends appetite-suppressing effects to your body during the VLCD. It helps you eat fewer calories than your typical indulgences. IF you gain weight due to overindulging, the HCG will help you overcome your habit. It makes the VLCD bearable by curbing hunger and suppressing your appetite.

The HCG diet protocol limits your calorie intake up to 500 calories per day. It does not deprive you of enjoying foods but helps you with making better choices. Any diet that cuts down calories can help in weight loss. Likewise, the HCG diet is unlike other VLCD regimen that can cause muscle loss along with fats. The HCG burns your body fats and preserves your muscle mass.

HCG and its Appetite Suppressing Effects

The HCG speeds up your weight loss by managing your appetite. It prevents you from getting hunger pain and snacking on unhealthy foods. As the HCG suppresses your appetite, it also helps you develop new habits and establish a healthy relationship with foods. Nonetheless, you still have to avoid unhealthy food choices to ensure a healthy weight loss. Avoid eating processed foods that contain loads of chemicals as they stimulate your appetite and lead to food cheating.

Helpful Ways to Suppress your Appetite on the HCG Diet

  • Eat protein-rich foods. You can eat at least 200 grams of protein during the second phase of the HCG diet. Protein is a macronutrient that helps in cell growth and development. Protein helps in increasing your satiety and suppressing your appetite. When making protein choices on the HCG diet, ensure that they are fat-free before cooking.
  • Eat fiber-rich foods. Aside from protein, you also need fiber from vegetables and fruits. Fiber-rich foods can hold your appetite until the next meal. It prevents you from snacking on unhealthy foods. Fiber also helps in managing your blood sugar and maintains your energy during the VLCD. For choices of fiber-rich foods, refer to your diet food list to avoid eating unhealthy foods.
  • Drink lots of water and tea. Aside from releasing toxic chemicals from your body, water can also suppress your appetite. It stops you from making unhealthy choices when you get hungry. Water can increase your satiety during the HCG diet without adding calories. You can also have a cup of unsweetened tea. It is rich in antioxidants that prevent stress. Tea can boost your mood and helps in suppressing your appetite.
  • Avoid trigger foods. Trigger foods are the typical choices that increase your appetite. They contain sugar, carbs, fats, chemicals, and preservatives. Trigger foods contain loads of calories that cause weight gain. Avoid trigger foods to assists your overall health during the HCG diet.