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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet

HCG Diet and B12 Supplementation

HCG Diet and B12 Supplementation

Vitamin B12 is an essential supplement for a healthy body while losing weight. It helps in cell division, metabolism, and production of red blood cells. The sources of vitamin B12 are lean meat, milk, and egg. Vitamin B12 can maintain a healthy weight and speeds up your metabolic rate. Vitamin B12 deficiency can cause weight gain.

The HCG diet can help you with your quest to help you with your weight loss struggles. The HCG diet makes use of the Natural hormone in the body as an obesity treatment. It stabilizes your body during the rapid calorie cut down and boosts your metabolic rate. It also prevents the depletion of vitamins and renews your hormones.

The mechanism of the HCG diet limits your access to vitamin B12 because the hormones can already provide some promising results. The HCG can help you lose weight fast than other vitamin supplementation. It also improves the absorption of vitamins and nutrients from the food you eat.

The HCG diet involves calorie restriction that can affect the vitamin B12 in your body. Nonetheless, you can have vitamin B12 during the HCG diet. Ensure that it does not interfere with the mechanism of the hormone.

B1 Supplementation during the HCG Diet

  • You can get B12 from lean meats during the second phase of the HCG diet.
  • You can also have eggs and milk as your source of vitamin B12 during the loading phase and after the VLCD.
  • OTC products are permissible as long as the active ingredients will not affect the HCG.
  • B12 supplementation can help you with vitamin deficiency and weight loss. Ensure that you are maintaining the HCG injections to maximize your weight loss.
  • B12 provides an extra boost of energy during the HCG diet to perform other activities. But, avoid strenuous workouts because it stimulates cravings and fatigue.
  • Taking vitamin B12 while using HCG injections can boost fat-burning and helps you drop pounds.
  • Vitamin B12 can provide a better tolerable diet cycle with the HCG diet.

Benefits of B12 with the HCG Diet

Aside from boosting energy, vitamin B12 can also improve your metabolic rate and reduce the side effects of the HCG diet. It is beneficial during the starting days of the VLCD to deal with occurrences of hunger. Replenish the vitamin B12 to ensure a healthy metabolic rate and effective weight loss. Eating dairy products to gain vitamin B12 is not permissible during the VLCD as it interferes with the HCG. But, you can have B12 supplements while using HCG injections.

Side Notes on B12 Supplementation during the HCG Diet

  • Getting a maximum vitamin B12 from the foods is impossible but, you can get them through supplementation.
  • Ingestible supplements can help during the HCG diet but, they can also absorb several nutrients from the foods you eat.
  • Allow your doctor to set the dosing of vitamin B12 to avoid interfering with the HCG. Avoid using the B12 injections when you are on the HCG diet.
  • B12 deficiency can cause shortness of breathing, headache, swelling, and vomiting. Ensure that you are getting the proper dosage to manage your weight loss.