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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet



Before anything else, let me ask you about your New Year’s resolution. How was your diet resolution? Hi! It is Valentine’s Season and just like the New Year’s resolution, you need to stick on track. Valentine’s Day is just a one-day celebration. Do not give in your weight loss goal to a one-day celebration. Celebrate with your loved ones but do not overindulge in eating. You can indulge in dancing, walking or playing games. It is better to create memorable memories than to just eat.

Ways to Celebrate

  • Home dinner- have complete nutritional control. Be aware of what you eat and drink. Home is a less crowded place and you can control what you are consuming. Curb sweet cravings with a natural sweetener allowed on the HCG diet. Dip fruit in a bar of dark chocolate; this is a pang of very little guilt to carry. Make sure to have a bar of chocolate that is made up of mostly cocoa and has fewer additives. You may also have whipped cream and berries for your dinner date at home. Having Valentine’s culture at home is one way of strengthening the relationship.
  • Eating outside- If you decided to get out from home, be wise about your food choices. Take note to count on the calories that you are consuming. Stick to the HCG protocol. Choose lean proteins and have portion control. Do not let someone hinders your weight loss by letting you eat unhealthy foods. Do not forget to drink water to stay hydrated. This can make you full and thus, curbs the hunger. Satisfy yourself by spending happy moments than eating moments with your family or someone.

Valentines on Phase 3

It allows for more freedom than other Phases of the HCG diet. You will be exploring more foods. However, you must do it slowly. Enjoy all kinds of treats with no sugar or starch. Your chocolate must be made up of cocoa and make stevia as your sweetener. You can enjoy all kinds of food as long as you do not overeat.

Here are some delicious and delightful meals you can treat with someone you love. A sample menu of the Valentine treats on the HCG diet (This is not allowed in Phase 2). These ingredients have common ingredients like stevia. This is a guilt-free ingredient that will make you enjoy the treat.

  • Cream and Strawberries – Mix everything until it became a creamy and delicious treat.

-Fresh strawberries (sliced)

-1 tablespoon milk and vanilla cream stevia

  • HCG-approved Ice cream- Yes, you can have a delicious dessert on HCG. Mix all the ingredients together. Reach your desired texture and freeze. This is ready to serve whenever you want.

-7 frozen strawberries and 2 drops of vanilla extract

-1 teaspoon of milk and 1 serving of cottage cheese