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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet



Weight gain is a nightmare when you are trying to lose weight. There are many things that can trigger weight gain during the HCG diet. However, the common cause is cheating. Food cheating happens because you give in to food temptations. It is also sometimes caused by high stress levels. You have to deal with cheating right away so that you can avoid the worst effect. In the first place, cheating is fully discouraged during the HCG diet. However, there are ways to correct your cheat days.

Expect major things that will happen during cheat days. The most possible effect of this is weight gain. That is why you have to be careful about your HCG diet. You cannot spit out what you have eaten. But, you do not have to stop where you failed. You have to do something right away to correct it. The HCG protocol has given ways to get back on track right away. These ways are not made for you to cheat on your diet anytime you want. It is made for you to help yourself in getting back on your diet track and continue to lose weight.

Cheating on the HCG diet is common, especially for first-time dieters. Losing weight is not the easiest thing in the world. If your weight is stalling because of food cheating, you just simply eat healthy food choices for cleansing. This will take back your weight loss. The HCG diet allows the apple day and the steak day. These are the weight gain and stall correction days. The apple and steak day is plateau breakers that are included in the HCG diet protocol. Both of them can resume your weight loss process. Thus, balances the calories on your body and set it back to fat burning.

Things you can do after cheating on the HCG diet

  • Regain your focus and stop panicking

Panic cannot help you in getting back on your diet track. It will just elevate your stress levels and leads to weight gain. Regain your focus and plan properly in correcting weight gain. You have to establish your focus on the things that you must do. Focus on how you will get back on your diet track. This is to avoid stress and panic. High-stress levels lead you to find comfort in unhealthy food choices.

  • Drink water and do your light exercise

Water is a quick aid to flush out the food toxins that cause weight gain. It also takes out water weight that causes water retention. You have to drink water to curb hunger and cravings. It also cleanses your body from the food ingredients and burns extra food calories. Light exercise can restart your metabolic rate. It also lowers high stress levels. However, avoid exercising when you are tired or hungry.

  • Do the steak day for corrections

This is done when your weight is 2lbs higher than your last weigh-in. this is a protein-loaded meal that will get you back on track. Steak day is done without eating anything for the whole day. You only have to prepare a large piece of lean steak at night or during dinner. Eat nothing all day but you have to stay hydrated. You can drink unlimited tea and coffee that does not have sugar. The usual portion of steak is from 8 to 14 oz. with apple and tomato.

  • Junk all the sugar and other unhealthy foods

Throw away all the foods that contain ingredients that affect your weight loss. Do not surround yourself with the foods that are highly processed. Avoid purchasing foods that will stop the HCG in burning your body fats. Choose the foods that are whole and organic instead of indulging in unhealthy food choices. Fruits can also be an aid in curbing your sugar cravings.

How will you avoid cheating on the HCG diet?

#1- Have the exact amount of the HCG diet hormones

The HCG helps in curbing hunger and cravings during the HCG diet. It also deals with hunger especially in the first week of the VLCD. Administer the right dose of HCG shot at the same time each day. It targets a certain region in your brain that sends the signal to boost your metabolic rate. Avoid missing an HCG dose so that you will have a bigger chance to succeed on your diet. This works effectively in your body along with the VLCD. Track your daily shot of HCG to avoid missing a dose or administering it twice.

#2- Load on properly with the exact food portion

You must have an exact portion of the foods and nutrients needed for weight loss. Choose the foods that are low in calories but have high nutritional value. Have the exact portion of fruits, vegetables, and protein in each meal serving. Make sure that you do not go beyond the 500 calorie requirements during P2. Weigh your meat choice and take off visible fats before cooking it. Food portioning is also a way of tracking your food intake to help in losing weight.

#3- Eat at the right time, right place and right choice

Everything ends well when you go right. Choose the right foods when you eat and make sure that you are in the right place. This means that you cannot just eat anywhere when you are dieting. This is because you might eat foods that may stop you from losing weight. These are the foods that are served in food chains and restaurants. The right place to eat your meal is at your dining table. Make sure to eat foods at mealtime and not just any time of the day. This is to avoid overeating.

#4- Do not skip meals

Skipping meals is highly discouraged during the HCG diet. It can cause deficiencies in your body, especially on your nutrition. VLCD does not mean that you have skip meals. This is because skipping meals will just cause severe hunger that causes you to eat too much on your next meal. Do not skip meals however you have to learn to control your calorie intake.