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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet

Forms of HCG and What Work Fast for Weight Loss?

Forms of HCG and What Work Fast for Weight Loss?

The basics of the HCG diet to reach your weight loss goal is combining the daily shots with VLCD. It is a part of the process where food portioning and calorie counting plays a vital role in weight loss. Accomplish Phase 2 before you can proceed to the next stage of the program.

The HCG works by targeting your fats and resetting your metabolism. It comes in different forms but has the same effect on your body. Set your realistic goal and visit your doctor before starting the weight loss program.

The Different Forms of HCG for Weight Loss

  1. The HCG Injections. It is the usual form that most dieters are using as it has straightforward action. The HCG injection is working directly on your body fats and suppressing your appetite.
  2. The HCG Drops. It is the pre-mixed solution that is taken orally with a specific amount of drops. It is less effective than the injection form as it passes digestion before it reaches your fats. The HCG drops can fix abnormal eating habits but, they may take you longer than the injection.
  3. The HCG Pellets. You can take the pellet once a day. You can also cut the tablet in half so you can take it twice. The dosage is higher than the injections and drops. It is because the active ingredients dissolve along with the digestion of food. As a result, it is slower to take effect than other HCG forms.

What Form of HCG Work Fast for Weight Loss?

The HCG injection works fast as it does not go through oral administration and digestion. You can administer it directly to your fat tissue. The HCG can start its mechanism when it spread in your system. You can also inject the HCG through your muscle but, the subcutaneous way is less intimidating than the muscle tissue.

What Time Should You Take the HCG Injection?

Administer your HCG injections in the morning after your daily weigh-ins. Inject the HCG at the same time each day to prevent hunger issues. You can also take the injections at night but, it may cause trouble in sleeping as the HCG increases your energy levels. Accommodate the timing of your injections that would fit on your schedule to avoid missing a dosage.

Can you Take the HCG Injections for a Small Weight Loss Goal?

The HCG works fast regardless of the amount of your weight loss goal. Ensure that you set realistic objectives to ensure progress. Administer 125ius of HCG per day or not more than 200ius when you have it before bedtime. While using the HCG injections, avoid eating foods that contain oil, sugar, and carbs to prevent weight gain.

Can you Adjust the Dosage of your HCG Injections?

Changing the dosage of the HCG is allowable when your doctor permits you or when the typical amount does not work on you. Avoid doing it without medical supervision as it affects your progress. Ensure that you have valid reasons why you need to change your dose.