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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet

Foods that are not allowed on the HCG diet

Foods that are not allowed on the HCG diet

There are plenty of foods to avoid while using HCG to lose weight. Some foods may make you find it hard to lose weight. Avoiding the problem foods can help you lose weight healthily. These foods will make you struggle to lose weight. Be sure to keep these foods out of your diet. You have to stick to healthy foods such as whole and organic products.

What are the foods that are not allowed on the HCG diet?

  • Bread- Wheat and white bread are not allowed during the HCG diet. It has a wide range of affecting your weight loss. Bread contains gluten that causes chronic allergies and several other symptoms.
  • Energy or protein bars- Most of these products are loaded with sugar. Some of this also has carbohydrates per serving. This will quickly add up and lead to weight gain if you eat them regularly.
  • Soda- This contains a ton of calories that your body is not aware of. Calories found in soda and other beverages are high in calories than solid foods. These calories are converted right away and stored as body fats. The ingredients of these beverages can cause digestive issues by affecting the intestinal lining. Soda also has too much sugar and other industrial ingredients.
  • Alcohol- Getting rid of the alcohol in your diet will go a long way in helping you control your weight. It has too many calories. It is not worth it for the diet. We are doing the diet to minimize caloric intake. Therefore, alcohol is not allowed in doing a diet. You will be loading on calories that can be stored as fat. Even diet cokes and juices must be avoided during the diet.

Why is Alcohol not allowed on the HCG diet?

  • It stimulates appetite

This can make your food portion hard. It is because it raises the appetite or ability of the body to eat more. This makes you hungrier. Alcohol can cause a hard time in controlling hunger pains. This eventually led to overeating. Alcohol is also taken along with unhealthy snacks. It will ruin the HCG diet and the work of the HCG hormones.

  • Lowers your metabolic rate

The body will use alcohol as a source of fuel. The protein and carbs will eventually turn into fats. This is because the alcohol stops the fat burning and affects normal metabolism.

  • It affects the ability to sleep

It causes less sleeping time. It contributes to weight gain. HCG does not advise this. Good sleep is vital in the body for the rest of the organs. It also helps the body in proper metabolism. Alcohol can trigger cravings and put the body at risk. However, some alcohols are allowed in the diet. But, they must be taken in moderation.

Helpful tips to fight food cravings during the HCG diet

#1- Do not prolong your cravings or hunger

Avoid situations that can cause extreme hunger. Prepare an easy-to-grab healthy snack to get you through hunger pains. Prolonging hunger or cravings will cause you to eat various unhealthy food choices.

#2- Stay hydrated

Thirst is sometimes misunderstood as hunger. Water helps maintain your blood and sugar levels. It is also helpful in dealing with stress.

#3- Accompany a light activity

Physical activities will keep off your hunger and cravings. It can help in digestion and metabolism. Physical activities also help in burning excess calories

#4- Eat fruits

Fruits are a guilt-free treat if you crave sugar. This is a healthy and sweet treat that helps you combat your sugar cravings.

The fruits and vegetable that are not allowed on the HCG diet

Fruits that are high in the glycemic index must be avoided. These are easily digested and can release sugar which is not yet allowed on your P3. Do not eat pineapple, kiwi, mango, and banana. You are also not allowed to eat pomegranate and grapes. These food choices have various health benefits but they are loaded with natural sugar. You can have these fruit choices after your HCG diet. Do not buy dried fruits because they contain added sugar and other ingredients that may cause you to gain weight.

Carbs, sugar, and starch are not allowed during P3. Most vegetables are high in starch. Do not eat peas, water chestnuts, carrots, squash, and beets. These are loaded with starch and carbs that may delay your weight stabilization. Do not buy canned vegetables because it has added preservatives, flavoring, sugar, and other ingredients.

The ALLOWED foods on the HCG diet

  • Eat more fish

Fishes can help in losing belly fats. It has high omega-3 fatty acids and other nutritional benefits. It reduces the inflammations that make it harder to lose weight. Fish is also lower in calories than other types of meat.

  • Berries

This has compounds that can reduce your inflammation levels. This makes it more difficult to gain weight. Berries can help you regulate your blood sugar. This is essential for weight control and reducing your chance of insulin resistance. Berries are a good choice for weight loss includes blueberries and raspberries, strawberries.

  • Nuts

This is allowed during the HCG diet except during Phase 2. This is a great source of healthy fat. Nuts are a perfect snack food that is allowed on the HCG diet. This is a great snack food options instead of having processed foods

  • Leafy green vegetables

Green leafy veggies are a good source of high-quality fiber. It is also a source of vitamins, minerals and has low-calorie levels. Vegetables are also fighting foods for weight-related diseases and cancer. Leafy green vegetables help you lose stomach fat because they stabilize your blood sugar. Make sure to abide the calorie requirements during the VLCD.

  • Avocados

Avocados are another great weight-loss food that can help you lose weight. They are high in monounsaturated fat which is great for stabilizing your blood sugar. Avocados also can reduce inflammation. It is also good at lowering your risk of heart disease. Avocado is highly recommended during the loading phase.