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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet



Your goal during the HCG diet carefully follows the protocol. The diet protocol is the key to help you reach your weight loss goal. HCG diet is not just for weight loss. This is the perfect time to teach your body new healthy habits. The healthy habits that you will learn will be used against weight-related diseases. See to it that everything you have loaded during the HCG diet is healthy.

Be effective in loading foods during your weight loss process. The foods that you will be eating must be burned and not be stored as body fats. This is the reason why you have to be careful with your food choices. There is always an obscure logic about eating foods. The nutritional profile of the foods you are going to eat does not depend on their taste.

Not all delicious foods are healthy. The reality is that the tastier the food is, the more unhealthy ingredients it has. The most delicious foods are the foods that often indulge without any control. This eventually causes you to gain weight faster. However, some foods are naturally delicious without any ingredients. These are the foods that are recommended during the HCG diet. You can still enjoy delicious treats during the HCG diet. Load more on fruits, fiber-rich vegetables, and protein choices. These are whole and naturally delicious treats that help in weight loss.

The benefits of food portioning during your HCG diet

Rapid weight gain happens because you fail to portion your foods. The purpose of food portioning is to control the intake of calories. It will also help you meet the nutritional requirements of your body. Proper food portion promotes a balance of nutrients and calories during weight loss. You must be ready before you will start your HCG diet. See to it that you are aware of proper food portioning. Starting the HCG diet is easy as long as you have proper discipline in eating.

The importance of proper food portioning during the HCG diet

Food portioning is anything but obvious. A large portion of foods makes you eat more, not just foods but also calories. The importance of food portioning is to simply control your intake of calories. This is very much important in starting the HCG diet. It helps you stay on your diet track and avoid food indulgences. You can only deal with improper food portion sizes by using smaller plates during mealtime.

Loading and food portioning tips in starting your HCG diet

  • Start gradually and make sure to read food labels    

A steady start can help your body adjust to your new style of caloric intake. Gradual loading is helpful during the first week of the VLCD. Do not even think of your food indulgences to avoid emotional food cravings. Give your body a time to adapt the cutting down of your caloric intake. VLCD is an open door to start cleansing your body.

The HCG will wash out the unhealthy effects of various food ingredients that cause you to gain weight. That is why you have to be careful about buying food items. It is better to constantly check food labels. It will prevent you from buying unhealthy food choices. Thus, prevents you from the further effect of food ingredients.

  • Practice mindfulness and track your progress

Mindfulness will track your weight loss progress. Paying attention to foods during mealtime keeps you on your diet track. Mindfulness is an act of accountability. You are always accountable to the consequences when you fail to practice mindfulness. Because being mindful can help you determine the type of hunger you are experiencing. In which it allows you to do something right away in case you slip. Tracking your food intake as well is one of the important things you must not neglect. Track every single food you eat as well as your daily weigh-in. This will help you determine whether you are losing weight or stalling.

  • Know the caloric requirements during the HCG diet

HCG diet is different from other diet regimens. HCG diet performs a safe cut down of your intake of calories. You are only allowed to have 500 calories each day through the help of the HCG. HCG diet is the only diet regimen that has a safe VLCD phase. This is because HCG helps your body curb hunger during the cut down of caloric intake.

The HCG is also responsible for the supply of energy during VLCD. It burns fats and uses them as your source of energy instead of getting energy from foods. This is why VLCD is safe as long as you administer the HCG injections. Do not load on foods that have dense calories to avoid imbalance. Maintain the intake of calories until you reach the end of your VLCD.

  • Use your portion control dishes and a food scale

Provide plates, serving spoon, and glasses for your portion control. These food portion control dishes aids in limiting your intake of foods. These portion control dishes are helpful with your intake of calories. On the HCG diet, you do not only need a weighing scale. You also need a food scale to support your weight loss. Having a food scale will track down the proper amount of your food intake. It is needed to properly weigh the lean meat option before you will cook it. It is also important to make sure that you have an equal portion for each food choice.

  • Use small plates and be aware of the condiments

Stop big indulgences by using small plates. Small plates allow you to serve a controlled amount of calories in starting your HCG diet. Small plates are used for portion control. It makes each food serving substantial. Condiments are just a small thing but you have to be aware of them. This is because it can cause big indulgences if it is not controlled. Condiments are usually allowed in Phase 1 and after the P2 of the HCG diet.

Losing weight on the HCG diet does not require much of your money. It only needs preparation and commitment. Reaching your weight loss goal is to have a realistic goal in the first place.