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How Does Eating Healthy Boost Your Weight Loss on the HCG Diet?
How Does Eating Healthy Boost Your Weight Loss on the HCG Diet?


The weight-loss equation of having less food and more exercise is an old misconception. Less food means less nutrition, and adding exercise can consume all your energy. What about doing an exercise routine after a thanksgiving day weight gain? If you are a fitness fan, you can stick to this protocol longer. However, you cannot incorporate too much exercise while on the HCG diet.

Exercising during the VLCD to lose thanksgiving weight gain

Thanksgiving day means lots of food on the table. Thanksgiving day weight gain can be a challenge when you’re following the HCG diet plan. Your exercise routine during this phase should remain light and comfortable. While on Phase 2, You will be eating mainly protein and cut off carbs and sugar. However, during the thanksgiving celebration, you might slip off a bit and gain weight.

When your weight spikes up on the next day, you can immediately incorporate light activities. Choose the exercise that cannot cause dizziness, exhaustion, tiredness, and hunger. Dr. Simeons noted that when you insist on vigorous exercise, you will gain weight. The HCG diet program only allows light works that will help you keep your muscle tone and stay fit without risking weight loss. Exercise sessions on HCG diet Phase 2 should not exceed twenty minutes in length.

The HCG diet approved exercises you can do to lose thanksgiving weight gain

  • Walking- Taking a short walk can improve the circulation of blood and nutrients in your body. Walking can help you shake off extra calories from the foods you eat during the celebration. Light mood and improved sleep are bonus benefits of walking.
  • Cycling- Another fun activity that helps in dealing with thanksgiving weight gain is cycling. Cycling can lower high-stress levels that cause weight gain. It can also help in burning fats and calories from the foods you eat.
  • Swimming- Aside from improved breathing, swimming can also impact the unhealthy foods in your body. Swimming helps maintain a healthy weight, lungs, and heart. This activity can improve the tone and strength of your muscles.
  • Yoga-The most known exercise during Phase 2 of the HCG diet is yoga. Yoga can increase the flexibility, tone, and strength of your bone and muscle. This exercise improves your metabolism and circulatory system. You can do yoga after your morning coffee or when you are not busy.
  • Dancing- When you dance, you are not just expressing your self. You are also burning calories. Aside from the enjoyment you gain when dancing, you are even burning baby weights. Dancing helps in weight management during the HCG diet.

Why can’t you incorporate strenuous exercise into the HCG diet?

A heavy or strenuous workout can defeat the goal of HCG in your body. Strenuous exercise stops the HCG from burning your fats. It will also make your body fail to support your energy supply during the low-calorie phase. With this, your body will tend to go into starvation mode. Extreme workouts cause hunger, which can end your stability on the VLCD.