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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet



Why is a hard exercise not allowed on VLCD? All dieters must know the risk and benefits of exercise. If you are on a VLCD, your body is expected to have low levels of energy. The energy is lower than normal or below normal. This is why HCG does not allow hard exercise. Doing exercise may lead you to an abnormal rate of metabolism. Hard exercise cannot help in the massive weight loss. It will just add stress or may lead to cravings. Cravings will lead to overeating and results in weight loss.

If you are used to exercising, you have to minimize doing it intensely. Monitor the heart rate if you are doing it along with VLCD and HCG. HCG does not abandon exercise at all. However, there is only a chosen way of exercise that will not harm the diet. But, as long as you can, please do not do any heavy exercise. Let the HCG hormones work for your weight loss.

The allowed Light exercises on VLCD

  • Walking or cycling- 10 minutes walk or stroll with a bike is enough. You can do this every day. This is done after each HCG shot and after breakfast.
  • Jogging or running- These are slightly allowed on HCG. These are done in 5 minutes only. You may do this alternately each week. Make sure that the HCG shot is not missed.

Please inform your doctor or health professional before doing any exercise. Always make sure that your body is healthy as you do the VLCD. Only light exercises are suitable in the HCG diet. Make sure that it does not cause you any hunger or tiredness. Most of the exercises are heavy and may cause you to starve. Be aware of everything that you engage while you are on the HCG diet. Make sure that they are HCG and health-friendly. In the end, you only have your health and self as a company.

Useful Tips on VLCD

Stay away from tempting foods- Do not buy food that is going to tempt you. Stay away from food stalls and restaurants. It is not okay to give in to tempting foods even once. Remember that cheating is just around you and may hunt you. If you are walking around or a busy person, make sure that your stomach is full. You can also bring snacks or meals with you.

Remind yourself that you are on a diet- If you feel hungry, remind yourself not to eat too much. Put in your mind that you are on a VLCD. Any slip on the VLCD may affect the working of the hormone in burning fats. Starving may cause too much hunger and further snacking.