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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet



A Christmas Diet Gift Tip

This is the season to be jolly! The Christmas holiday is coming. Does this mean more food? Will you survive all the jaw-dropping foods?  Doing the HCG diet on holiday is tough. However, staying on track is tougher. You cannot stop parties and events to come. The big thing that you can do is self-discipline. HCG diet does not only need your pledge on the diet. It also requires your loyalty, passion, and heart in losing weight.

Tips to stay on track of the diet

HCG diet protocol has provided tips to survive holidays. Control yourself and stick to the plan. Do not cheat on the HCG diet. Here are some of the gift tips for you:

  1. Create a blueprint ahead– You are totally aware of when the holidays are. You should plan ahead of the events. Mark your calendar if you have arranged parties. Look for a meal that fits you during the party. Eat only the allowed recipes. You may also prepare a meal at home and take it with you to the party. After all, a party does not revolve around food. Make yourself a meal but do not eat too much than what is allowed.
  2. Focus on one thing– Stick with the diet fully. Set your eyes on your weight loss goal. Once you cheat you will be out of the track. Cheating may cause disaster for your goal. The only way to stay on track is to fully commit to your weight loss goal. Drink plenty amount of water. Do not be discouraged because it will be all worth it. Have the spirit of optimism.
  3. Better-together concept– People around you know that you are dieting. Seek support or advice from the people you trust. It is important to let them know the allowed foods on your diet. In this case, they may avoid giving you foods that are not allowed. These people will also remind you of your obligation to the diet. Give someone the authority to correct you when you feel like cheating on the diet.
  1. Be a busy bee– You have to distract yourself and be busy during parties. Divert your attention from the foods that are served. Socialize with your loved ones than mingling with foods. Dance, chat, laugh and enjoy yourself with the people around you. Dancing is somehow a form of light exercise. You will see that you are not just having fun but you are also losing weight.
  2. Correct your mindset– if you’re thinking that the HCG diet is tough on holidays. Achieving a weight loss goal does not depend on the event or occasion. It depends on your dedication and commitment.