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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet



The HCG is injected into your body for appetite suppression. It has a lot of functions in the body in terms of weight loss. It reprograms your brain and changes metabolism. Before starting the diet, you must undergo a check-up. This is to make sure that the body is ready for losing weight. HCG dieters follow a strict program. Any slip may affect the whole duration of the diet.

What if there is a need to take medications during the HCG diet?

Some medications are allowed on the HCG diet. Make sure that it is the medications prescribed by doctors. But the drugs and pills that you have been taking such as anti-aging pills or whitening are not allowed. You are also not allowed to take weight loss pills. Medications are only for those who have serious situations. As much as possible do not do the HCG diet if you have life-threatening diseases. Always wait for permission from your doctor before doing the weight loss.

What about prescribed medications during the HCG diet?

Take the drugs that are necessary. However, medications to your diet doctor must be totally disclosed. The goal of the HCG diet is to improve the health and not to worsen it. The medicine must be continued with the prescription of the doctor. Be careful with some medicines because it can also slow down your weight loss result. All the over the counter products must be avoided. These are the products that are less important than maintaining a healthy weight.

Self-medication during the HCG diet

You can go back to self-medication when you reach your weight loss goal. Another choice is to finish your self-medication before stepping to the HCG diet. Self-medication with permission from the doctor is allowed. Vitamins must be continued as long as they are not oil form. Ointments and cream are prohibited except if necessary. The only allowed oil is mineral oil.

How does the HCG work in your body without any medications?

The HCG is helping the body to be healthy. The medication you are taking must not be a gel cap. Avoid the sugar-coated medicines. Find other options or ask your doctor. This is done if it is very necessary. Prepare yourself on the diet. If you feel sick in the diet, do not worry it will just go away. Your body will focus on how to make you better. The best advice here is to stay in the diet as much as you can. Give your full dedication no matter what your conditions are.

Important tips to avoid sickness during the HCG diet

  • Stay hydrated

Water is helpful in flushing out toxins in the body. It helps in cleaning the whole system. One way to avoid illnesses is to eat healthy foods on time. If you are seeking comfort food, make a chicken broth. You can cook a broth out of the HCG allowed spices and chicken breast. If you still do not feel well, inform your doctor right away. Make sure to tell them that you are on the HCG diet.

  • Avoid things that make you sick

Your lifestyle is a reflection of your health. Do not engage in activities or eat food that causes illnesses. You also have to stop your vices not just to be able to lose weight but also to maintain stable health.

  • Stop smoking

Cigarette is hazardous in the body.  Smoking products may contain nicotine gums. It has carb and sugar additives that slow down weight loss. Giving up smoking will improve your health. It will also help the work of the HCG diet in the body.

  • Avoid missing an HCG shot

Have a record of HCG shot. Take the injection as soon as you remember. However, do not take two injections within 24 hours. Maintaining the HCG shot during the HCG diet helps in stabilizing your health. It maintains a healthy function in your body even if you are losing weight or eating fewer calories.

  • Do not eat unhealthy foods

Unhealthy food choice causes metabolic changes. HCG food choices are specifically selected for you. Your body may not burn fat as fast as it can because of what you eat. Eating unhealthy food choices is considered as cheating. Be aware of the HCG food choices that you are going to eat. Make sure to check the product information. This will help you avoid sugar and carbs.

How to reach your weight loss goal on the HCG diet?

  • Follow the protocol and go through the loading phase- Do not skip the loading phase. It may seem intimidating but it is helpful in reaching your weight loss goal. Follow the diet protocol that includes eating healthy food choices. The loading phase is the time to raise the fat reserves in your body to be used during the VLCD.
  • Set realistic weight loss goal-Your goal must not be just a plain number, it must be reached. You can set small goals and reach slowly each week. In setting a weight loss goal you have to figure out your body weight. Then figure out the needed fat to be burned. Your weight loss goal will be your motivation to reach success.
  • Engage in light exercise- Light exercise will also boost your mood and focus. It also improves your cardiovascular health. Light exercises will strengthen your muscles and bones. You can try yoga, walking, jogging or even swimming. However, you are not allowed to do light exercise if you are hungry or tired. Avoid doing extreme exercise because it might delay your weight loss.
  • Have a proper sleep- Sleeping can help in lowering high-stress levels. The high-stress level can cause you to gain weight naturally. Sleeping renews and promotes focus during the HCG diet. Sleeping can also stave off stress because it relaxes your mind.  
  • Avoid food cheating- Cheating can cause weight gain and may affect the HCG in the body. Prevent cheating by preparing meals ahead of time. Do your best not to cheat again. Doing hard exercise is also a form of cheating. It is because it raises stress levels that urge you to eat too much.  Avoid things that will make you cheat. Make sure to finish the weight loss journey.