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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet



Losing weight is still possible even if you are busy. The HCG diet does not take too much of your daily schedule. You can still lose and maintain a healthy weight. You do not have to spend most of your time in the gym or doing heavy training. HCG diet will prove that burning fats is easy and you do not need to spend too much. Diet and healthy eating habits must go together. Do not get stressed on your busy schedule because you can still lose weight even if you are busy. There are some tips that will help you lose weight in a minimal time requirement.

HCG diet tips to lose weight for busy people

  • Exercise is allowed

If you have extra energy for your day, you can do exercise. A busy schedule makes you so tired and you do not have to do exercise. However, you can still do exercise early in the morning after your HCG breakfast. Early morning is the best time to exercise because you are still not loaded with your daily activities. You can still grab a time to stretch or jog for a while. You can sneak for at least 10 to 15 minutes of exercise before heading to your workplace. Know the intensity of your exercise and your capacity to avoid exhaustion. Choose a light exercise routine that will also benefit your cardiovascular diseases.

Exercise can help in raising the metabolic rate of your body. However, you are not allowed to do it when you are tired or your stomach is empty. You can also do it with your equipment. You can also make it in another way such as walking to work instead of riding your car. If your workplace is just a distance away from you, you can just walk. This will help increase your endurance. Take the stairs instead of using the elevator.

  • Watch your intake of carbs

Do not rely on carbs as your energy source. It might lead you to load on too much food. HCG diet does not allow any type of carbs during the diet course. Do not use your busy schedule as a reason to eat unhealthy foods such as carbs. Ditch your intake of junk foods, beverages, and sugary foods. Do not be reliant on the foods that you use to eat in the restaurant and food chains. Try to have vegetables, fruits, and lean meat.

Wheat, sugar, and unhealthy fat may be tempting and may provide you with a boost of energy. However, that energy boost will just drop off right away. You can find that you are already dependent on unhealthy foods. Start to swap your independence from unhealthy foods to natural and organic food choices. Always remember that when you eat too much of them you will gain weight.

  • Stop having energy drinks

Your energy must not come from unhealthy drinks. Unhealthy drinks are the cause of why you gain weight. This is because of the liquid calories. Liquid calories do not register right away to your brain. It makes your body store too much of these that makes you have body fats. Busy people usually rely on energy drinks which are a big no during the HCG diet. Opt to have the allowed drinks during the HCG diet.

Ditch off the cappuccinos, soda, energy drinks, sports, and weight loss drinks. Instead of unhealthy drinks, you have t choose water. Bring water with you when you are going to work. Always have a goal to drink at least a gallon of water per day. Water keeps you full and suppresses your appetite. Avoid sweetened drinks such as milk tea or other drinks that have added sugar.

  • Bring foods with you

Lunch or snack foods must come to your home. You will be the one to prepare for your own food. This is to make sure that you have tracked the foods and snacks that you bring. Make sure that it is from the HCG diet food list. Include fruits and vegetables that do not go beyond the 500 calorie meal.

Pick the right snack with you. The usual snacks allowed during the HCG diet are fruits. This is easy to prepare because you do not have to cook it. You can just grab an apple or orange and go right away to work. Healthy snacks should always be available in your bag or in your fridge. You can also eat some veggies, such as celery and carrots, nuts as your snacks.

Useful weight loss habits for the HCG diet

  • Tracking the food intake- You must be wise about the foods that you are going to take. Focus on food portioning to help with your intake of calories. Stay away from drinks that are loaded with sugar, chemicals, flavorings, and other ingredients. The foods that you can enjoy on the HCG diet are whole and organic food products. Avoid foods that have sugar and starch.
  • Balance your exercise routine- You may not be able to exercise every day but at least find time to do light exercises. You can have your light exercise in the morning for 10 to 15 minutes. Light exercises can be done in the morning as soon as you finish your cup of coffee or tea.
  • Have enough time of sleep- Sleeping plays an important role during your HCG diet. Get a full night rest and allow your body to process the foods that you have been eating throughout the day. Sleeping also helps in proper digestion and metabolism. It can also clear your mind from stress that can cause weight gain. You need to have an exact time of sleep during your HCG diet to help your body in balance.
  • Record everything on a journal- Provide a weight loss journal to track your weight loss on the HCG diet. You can write down on your diet journal the foods and your daily weight. Your weight loss journal will help you stay on track of your diet. It can also help you monitor in case you gain weight on your HCG diet.