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How Does Eating Healthy Boost Your Weight Loss on the HCG Diet?
How Does Eating Healthy Boost Your Weight Loss on the HCG Diet?


Cutting down sugar during Phase 2 of the HCG diet has several results in your body. It is beneficial for the weight loss hormone to work. The cornerstone of the HCG diet is cutting down sugar and carbs during the second phase. Is sugar bad for you? Below are some of the negative effects of sugar on your body.

  • Sugar causes glucose level to surge
  • It increases your risk of weight gain and obesity
  • Sugar affects the function of your immune system
  • Sugar can cause gum and tooth decay
  • It can also increase the effects of aging

These are some of the effects of too much intake of sugar. During the HCG diet, you will be cutting down sugar to maintain a healthy weight loss. It is not a new fact that sugar interferes with the work of HCG. To promote fast and safe weight loss you have to stick to the diet protocol.

Does cutting down sugar on an HCG diet have negative effects on your health?

Aside from withdrawal, there are no other negative effects of cutting down on sugar in your health. Withdrawal happens when your body is adjusting to the cutting down of sugar intake. The common effects of this are tiredness, hunger, and occurrences of cravings. These effects do not stay for too long. As soon as the HCG is in your system it will begin to do its work such as curbing hunger.

The normal effect of cutting down sugar is weakness, loss of energy, tiredness, and irritability. Through the help of the diet hormone, these side effects can be controlled. The HCG helps your body survive without the presence of sugar. It supplies energy through the burned fats so that you will not feel weak or lose energy.

What will happen to your body when you cut down sugar on VLCD?

Cutting down sugar allows the HCG to balance your blood sugar levels. It lowers your risk of developing diabetes. During the HCG diet, your body will start to heal from weight-related diseases that are caused by sugar intake. Avoiding sugar on the VLCD shows results of fewer cravings while feeling more energized.

Does cutting down on sugar during the HCG diet can treat diabetes?

Cutting sugar is one step in treating diabetes. When you avoid sugar your body will start to renew your cells and go back to normal sugar levels. Cutting sugar during the HCG diet has a connection to treating diabetes. However, this is not an open door to use HCG as a treatment for diabetes.

The HCG helps your body adjust to cutting down on sugar through a safe process. The diet hormone helps in curbing the effects of sugar shut down. Through this, your immune function will stay normal while the HCG is burning your body’s fats. In the absence of sugar, the HCG will teach your body to pull energy from the burned fats. When your fat stores release stored fats it will be converted into an energy source.