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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet



The HCG is a hormone that is present in early pregnancy. This has also been used for many years as a natural treatment for obesity. HCG diet is a weight loss plan combined with calorie cut down. This only allows 500 calories per day for the entire duration of the second phase. The reality is that abstaining from foods makes you get hungrier. This will lead you to often eat too many unhealthy foods to achieve fullness.

Your weight loss during the HCG diet is not because of your calorie intake. It is achieved because of the mechanism of the HCG in your body. The process of the HCG diet includes 4 major phases. The loading phase, VLCD, weight loss stabilization, and last is the weight loss maintenance. VLCD or phase 2 is the center of this weight loss process.

Things you need to do during the VLCD of the HCG diet

You have to make sure that you undergo a medical assessment. This is to see if you are ready for the VLCD. A medical assessment is a way to assess your body if you do not have underlying diseases. Along with the VLCD, you have to maintain the HCG dose at the same time each day for greater weight loss. Consume the approved foods for the VLCD only. Make sure that you have 1 portion of lean meat, 1 portion of vegetables, and fruit. The P2 of the HCG diet also encourages you to drink more water to flush out toxins.

HCG is fast to act on your weight loss

Most people that are overweight are struggling to control their food intake. This happens especially if you get used to your unhealthy eating routine. It makes it hard to lose weight even if you exercise. However, on the HCG diet, it will be easier for you to lose weight even without any exercise routine.  Your weight loss can be solved by taking the HCG dose daily.

HCG helps in reducing appetite and this helps you achieve weight loss. The HCG stops the formation of fat in your body by stopping the enzymes that catalyze the formation of fat. It detoxifies your body from the unhealthy chemicals from the foods you eat which cause you to gain weight.

Are you allowed to skip using HCG during VLCD?

No. Even if it stays active in your body for 3 days but it is better to have it every day. Skipping the dose can cause weight gain or weight loss struggles. You are also not allowed to stop using it abruptly or without the consent of your doctor or any diet guide. However, when you have menstruation, you can stop using the HCG for the meantime. Continue with your diet and get back to using HCG when the period is gone.

The different forms of HCG from weight loss

  • The HCG Injection- the HCG injection is the most common and effective form of HCG. This contains the real HCG hormone that is administered in the fattiest part of your body. The common dose for this is 125ius or 150ius. Make sure that you know the steps in mixing, dosage, and injection of the HCG to your body. The HCG injection is done once a day preferably in the morning.
  • The HCG drops- The HCG drop can be used if you are intimidated with injections. However, you have to take the HCG drops 3 to 4 times a day. HCG drops may reveal different results from your weight loss goal. This is not recommended if you want to lose weight fast.
  • The HCG pellets- The HCG pellet can be taken once a day. If you experience hunger you have to take 500 IU. The reason why you get hungry is that some of the components are already digested. It is still better to choose the HCG injections to avoid struggles in dosing or in dealing with hunger. Make sure what kind of HCG you want to use for your weight loss. This is because both homeopathic and prescription hormone HCG is using the same terms.

Oral drops and pellets may appear easier to take but the injection is more recommended. This is because the HCG injection has a more accurate result. The HCG injection is not prone to pitfalls. This is because the dose of the needed hormones acts directly to your fats. However, you can still use the pellet or drop if you are comfortable with it. You just have to make sure that you get the exact dose daily.

How to avoid hunger-related problems in using HCG?

You can avoid hunger if you have a significant amount of weight loss. This is when you get the exact dose of HCG daily. The exact dose will curb hunger and keep you full for the entire process. You also have to follow the HCG diet protocol including the VLCD. You have to avoid habits that can trigger hunger such as skipping meals or overeating.

Things you need to do during the VLCD

  • Along with the HCG maintenance, you have to also practice mindful eating. This is because your way of eating can affect your weight loss. If you eat more or less than what is allowed you may end up binge eating or weight gain.
  • Stay hydrated because water can help you lose the toxins in your body. It clears blood ways from the fats that are burned by the HCG. Water can also improve fullness and can curb hunger.
  • Weigh yourself every morning. Weighing is a way of tracking your weight loss daily. You can keep a record of your daily weigh-ins. This is also a way of tracking if you are losing weight or having a plateau.
  • Portion your foods properly. Your daily meal must have a portion of lean meat, vegetable, and fruits. Do not forget to weigh the meat before cooking it. Have at least 100 grams of lean meat in every meal.
  • Control your food cravings by figuring out the trigger or the cause of the cravings. To avoid the occurrence of cravings you have to keep yourself busy. You can do things that do not include food and eating.