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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet



Cravings are your desire to eat a specific food. This kind of desire is hard to control. This is considered a tough time on your diet procedure. That is why you have to find the source of cravings so that you have the power to stop them. Cravings usually last for only 20 minutes. In such a situation, you must learn to deal with cravings to avoid unhealthy eating.

What are the sources of cravings during the HCG diet?

Stress is a powerful thing that can trigger cravings. Stress arises so that you will eat too much food to comfort you. Deal with stress right away to stop cravings from getting back. Cravings can also because of the reaction of your body to the foods you eat. Food ingredients such as flavorings and preservatives will delay the work of HCG. Food ingredients can trigger cravings and make you want to eat more. During your weight loss, you have to make a record of the foods that you have been eating. This is a helpful step in tracking the cause of your cravings during and after your weight loss.

How to control cravings during and after the HCG diet?

  • Control stress- Take a nap or relax your mind. Free yourself from overthinking. Take off stress and cravings by relaxing your body. Stress is not good, especially during your weight loss. This is because stress can stop your weight loss and can cause natural weight gain.
  • Avoid extreme hunger- Eat your exact amount of food during mealtime. Unsolved hunger can also cause cravings. Prepare your food ahead of time so that you will stop cravings from showing up. Observe proper food portioning during your weight loss. Do not skip breakfast if you are in your maintenance phase.
  • Keep yourself away from unhealthy foods- Do not stay for so long in the surroundings where there are foods. This is because it will make you desire to eat too much. You can also eat more HCG food choices if you are done with VLCD. Gradually add more food to your diet if you are now doing the maintenance phase.
  • Load more on protein– Protein is healthy and effective in lowering your appetite. Low appetite will lessen your cravings from coming back. It can also help in keeping your stomach full and wait for the next meal. Make sure to serve a fat-free protein. Make sure you follow your 500 calorie requirements if you are on Phase 2.