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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet



Have you noticed that you are having quarantine weight gains? And you are now back to your daily schedules after the long lockdown. Do not worry because you can still lose weight despite your busy schedules. This is because you do not have to spend most of your time going to the gym. You will also not use your energy in extreme workouts. This is because of the help of the diet hormone and not because of the intensity of your workout.

Eating patterns can contribute a lot to losing weight on the HCG diet amidst busy schedules. It plays the biggest role in reaching your weight loss goal. You won’t have to consume your energy worrying about your waistline when you have busy days. You can implement the HCG diet anytime as long as you are fully committed to reaching your weight loss goal. You simply just have to continue following the protocol during the P2 of the HCG diet.

You can continue your VLCD even if you are busy by:

  • Being careful with your food intake

Unhealthy foods are the biggest culprits of why your weight loss is interrupted. Despite your busy schedule you still have to stick on your HCG diet-approved meals. Continue to avoid junk foods, sugar, oily foods, carbs, salty foods, etc.

  • Not getting energy from energy drinks

These drinks may energize you but it can also add more calories to your diet. Phase 2 does not permit additional calories because it will lead to weight gain. Energy drinks and other processed drinks are often loaded with liquid calories that disrupt the work of HCG. Remember that the HCG will supply your energy through the burned body fats. You do not need any energy drinks or weight loss booster to continue losing weight.

  • Preparing your lunch at home

Do not go to work or anywhere else without bringing lunch with you. This is to avoid buying foods from restaurants and food chains. Prepare your foods at home to avoid going anywhere and may expose you to the coronavirus.

  • Learning to snack on HCG approved foods

Picking the right snack foods can go a long way especially if you are busy. Snacks can also be a quick source of weight gain. However, choosing the HCG approved foods will keep you safe from possible weight gain.

  • Avoiding the sources of stress

Stress can be just anywhere. You can get it from work pressure, deadlines, school, office, and family responsibilities. However, you still have to get motivated. Avoid the sources of stress or you can alleviate high-stress levels by having a complete-time of sleep. There are also other ways of dealing with stress that does not involve foods.

Why choose the HCG diet?

The HCG diet is one of the best diets for busy people. This is because the time commitment of this weight loss regimen is minimal. You can start and finish this process easier because of its unique protocol. You are only required to follow simple instructions from the protocol. This can also be completed even when you are busy with responsibilities at home.