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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet

Can You Combine the HCG Diet With Intermittent Fasting?

Can You Combine the HCG Diet With Intermittent Fasting?

The HCG diet plan is the best method for weight loss. It produces promising effects over the years on maintaining your overall health. Pairing HCG with intermittent fasting may or may not work well. HCG diet is a straightforward program that reduces your overall body mass without extreme food deprivation. It improves the balance of the calories you eat and the nutrients you get. Intermittent fasting is a risky process due to cutting several nutrients that you need.

What is HCG and, why choose the HCG diet program?

HCG is an occurring hormone in both men and women but, it is at high levels during pregnancy. The goal of using the HCG in weight loss is to lose weight without complications. The diet hormone works by suppressing hunger and resetting your metabolic rate. The HCG diet is a combination of VLCD and HCG shots to improve your weight loss results. It produces at least 2 pounds of weight loss per day and maintains muscle mass.

What is intermittent fasting?

Intermittent fasting is closely a similar protocol to the HCG diet but, it does not use hormones to suppress your appetite. It will force your body to go into starvation mode by cutting calories. Intermittent fasting is restricting the time you eat than the amount of food you have per day. It is a risky protocol because everyone has differences and, it may not work for their body. Intermittent fasting is more about spending your day without eating and drinking other than Bland tea or water.

Why choose the HCG diet?

Aside from its promising results, the HCG diet is not depriving. The goal of the HCG diet is to introduce healthy foods and new eating habits throughout the program. It will help you establish a healthy relationship with food. Unlike intermittent fasting, the HCG diet does not lead you to food cheating or overeating.

Generally, skipping meals and reducing your calorie intake can compromise your overall health. Intermittent fasting may not work well on you due to its strict regimen. The HCG diet has a strict protocol on eating plans but, it does not deprive you of enjoying foods. It follows a thorough and safe protocol on what to eat and avoid to improve your weight.

Can you combine the HCG diet with intermittent fasting?

Other dieters are doing a combination of HCG diet protocol and intermittent fasting. But, it does not work for everyone due to individual differences. The original protocol of Dr. Simeons neither allows nor prohibits the combination approach of HCG and intermittent fasting. But, it is better to stick to the HCG diet program throughout the process.

Combining two protocols may lead to nutritional deficiency and weight loss stall. Ensure you are getting enough nutrients and minerals while losing weight. To ensure a healthy weight loss, seek additional help from your doctor or dietician. Stick to the HCG diet program and administer your HCG injection every day. Avoid surpassing the calorie limit to prevent weight gain.