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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet

Can You Administer Your HCG Injections Before Bedtime?

Can You Administer Your HCG Injections Before Bedtime?

The HCG diet requires you to have your injections in the morning to get through the very low-calorie intake and prevents hunger pangs. The HCG is essential to control other challenging parts of the HCG diet. Mornings are the typical time to have your injections as you are still free from your workloads.

Can you Inject the HCG Before Bedtime?

There is nothing wrong when you administer the HCG injections at night. It is because the timings of your shots will not affect the efficacy of the hormone. Ensure that your intervals are 24 hours before taking the next dosage. In some cases, administering the HCG at night is not advisable as it affects your sleep.

Does Taking the HCG Injections at Night Causes Health Issues?

There are no issues when you take them at night but, there are non-dangerous side effects that vary from person to person. The HCG increases your energy levels by converting the burned fats into fuel. It means that when you take them at night, you may have sleeping troubles.

Take note that sleeping problems increase hunger symptoms during the VLCD. If there are no hunger issues on taking your HCG shots at night, you can continue it until your finish the process. Take note of your daily shots to avoid missing a dosage.

The Dose You Can Administer on the HCG Diet

The amount of the diet hormone matters on your weight loss as having more or less dosage can result in fluctuations. Have a 125ius when you take the injections during the daytime. Most can do well with the 125ius because proper dosing is essential. Do not exceed 200ius when you take it at night or in 24 hours. Avoid administering more than what is permissible to prevent fluctuations. When you have too much or less dose, it can result in starvation and leads to eating lots of food.

How to Administer the HCG Injections?

  • Weigh yourself first before taking your HCG shots. Record your progress in a journal. Wash your hands with running water to avoid contamination.
  • Ensure that the syringes and vials are clean before you administer.
  • Use sterile water when you mix the hormone and ensure it is free from discoloration.
  • Wipe the injection site of your body with alcohol and cotton.
  • Ensure you get the proper dose in the syringe and release the hormone once the injection is in your body.
  • Throw the syringes and needles in a secure container.

Where can you Administer the HCG Injections?

You can inject the hormones in intramuscular and subcutaneous ways. Find the part of your body where you can locate most of the muscle or fats. Subcutaneous ways are comfortable tan muscle as it is less painful. It is an option to avoid intimidating feelings when administering injections.

The subcutaneous parts of your body are:

  • The side of your upper arm
  • Lower abdomen
  • Upper butt
  • Front thigh

The muscular zones of the body are:

  • Outer arm
  • Upper outer buttocks

Ask for help if you are not comfortable doing the injection alone.