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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet



There are several ways you can do your exercise routine after the HCG diet. This is the time that you will be more careful with your intake of foods. You are allowed to do more of your exercise routine to help burn extra food calories. You do not have to exercise for too long or overdo it. The important thing is you are doing a quality workout routine that helps your health.

Exercising after the HCG diet

  • Maintain your exercise routine weekly

You can try various exercises but you cannot do it all at once for one day. Do not wait for a longer time before you will do exercises. This is because if you rested longer, your body might not get used to it. Moving through on your workout will help you maintain your metabolism.

  • Do not do your exercise if your stomach is empty

An empty stomach can lower the efficiency of your workout. Empty stomach while exercising will run out your fuel. Running out of fuel will cause extreme hunger. This will eventually cause you to eat too much on the next meal. Your muscle will lose glycogen if you do not eat. You can do your exercise routine every morning after breakfast. Make sure to load on healthy food choices even if you are done with the HCG diet.

  • Try to increase the time of your workout

A great way to burn extra calories is to add more time to exercise. This is a way of boosting your metabolism. Increasing your light exercise can also burn extra fats for several hours. However, you are not allowed to do weightlifting because it might consume most of your energy. You can also try group fitness program so that you will be motivated to do more.

  • Be sure to stretch before exercising

This is to help your muscle build its integrity. Stretching will also promote proper blood flow during the exercise session. It can also help you do your exercise longer. You can do jogging and alternate stretches for maximum calorie burning. Stretching out will allow your body to slowly work on burning calories.

Exercising after the HCG diet helps increase your energy levels. It can help your brain health and relaxation. Relaxation will stave off the effect of stress that causes you to gain weight. It improves mood and lowers the feeling of depression and anxiety. Exercising as well burns your calories and maintains proper weight loss maintenance.