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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet



Weight loss amidst a busy schedule is a difficult thing to do these days. As you start your day up there are already piles of duty ahead. This will make you feel like you do not have any time for your wellness. Realistically speaking there might be no time for you to insert a weight loss routine or short exercise duration. You can upgrade your weight loss routine through the HCG diet.

The HCG diet is good news for a busy person like you. This is a weight loss process that helps you lose substantial pounds even in a tight schedule. The HCG diet does not need all your energy, attention, and time. You can simply lose weight by following the diet protocol alone. You do not have to take gym sessions or frequent visits to a weight loss clinic. There are still easy ways to boost your weight loss even when you are a busy person.

How to boost weight loss amid a busy schedule during the HCG diet?

  • Make sure you have complete hours of sleep

Sleep plays a big role in your HCG diet. It is one of the biggest contributors to boosting your weight loss. Even in a busy schedule you still have to make time to get enough sleep. It will help you regenerate your energy and avoid any havoc in your hormones. Having enough time for sleep decrease your body’s ability to regulate appetite. One of the results of the lack of sleep is late-night snacking and high stress levels.

  • Incorporate light activities

You do not need to visit the gym and heavy workout sessions. You can simply incorporate light activities such as stretching, yoga, or walking. These simple activities help you boost your weight loss. It’s because it aids your body in burning extra calories. You can warm up for 5 to ten minutes after your breakfast coffee. You can also consider taking the stairs instead of using the elevator. It is a simple way of exercising your muscle, breathing, and bone strength.

  • Take a short walk

If you are just sitting in your office or not doing anything you can stand up and take a short walk around. Get up at least5 minutes per hour to avoid slowing down of your metabolism. You can also insert a morning coffee run along with doing your task at work. If you are riding your car to the office you can park somewhere far or a minute away from you. This will help you develop a walking habit even in a short period.

  • Use healthy foods when snacking

Eat an HCG diet-approved meal every time you want to snack. Grab a whole fruit such as apple or orange. It is better to bring one on your bag when you go anywhere to avoid buying foods in the cafeteria. You can also prepare and cook your meals at home. It is a good idea of maintaining proper calorie intake during the VLCD. There are tons of convenient and healthy foods you can pack and grab that won’t affect your tight schedules.