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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet



Mindful eating is a way that helps in controlling weight. You will have full control over your eating habits. Mindless eating is said to be the cause of weight gain and binge eating. This article will show some guidelines on how to eat mindfully. Mindful eating is based on the presence of a focus in the brain while eating. It is often used in meditation to cope up with emotions and desires. This helps in treating conditions like depression, stress, and anxiety. These things often lead to eating disorders. This topic is important especially to the new HCG dieters. It allows the dieter to understand that our body may be affected by how, when, and what we eat.

What is mindful eating?

Mindful eating is cultivating the mind’s awareness of food. What we eat affects the body. It also affects the feeling and everything around us. Mindful eating enhances our mind to think about what or how much to eat. It also allows us to think about the purpose of why we eat and what we eat. Eating mindfully allows us to appreciate the foods that are hitting our senses. This allows the sustainability of the food in us. We are able to choose foods that are good for our health and weight.

The right mindset towards eating is:

  • Eat slowly without any distractions—do not rush your meals
  • See to it that you are hungry before you eat
  • Able to determine physical and emotional hunger
  • Able to respond on the actual hunger, not on emotional hunger
  • Noticing the appearance of food—is it good for the diet or not?
  • Coping up and getting back to the track in times of cheat
  • Eating for weight and health—stop eating when you are full

In the abundance of foods in the environment, we still need to do mindful eating. Eating mindlessly will not help us to feel fullness. This can lead to binge eating. Mindful eating allows us to slow down or observe a proper meal portion. It will help us to identify the reason for the cravings. It stops hunger and cravings from coming. It helps us to lose weight. It is very important in the HCG diet. It allows us to observe proper meal control. Mindful eating can help us focus on our weight loss goal. It will make us reach the desired goal of fats. Each beginner must study the techniques of mindful eating.