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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet



Weight gain has several causes. Most of the cause of weight gain is the unhealthy lifestyle and bad eating habits. Weight gain changes your body’s composition. This can also allow your body to experience weight-related diseases. If you constantly gain weight, there will be a rapid fat build-up. This will eventually deform and store up stubborn fats in the hard to reach areas of the body.

How to avoid weight gain during your HCG diet?

Stop doing extreme exercise

Extreme exercises will burn your fats but you will just end up gaining it back. It will cause your body to get stress and consume your energy. Lack of energy will cause you to extreme hunger or cravings. It will also trigger the stress hormones in your body to gain weight naturally. Heavy exercises are not allowed especially if you are doing Phase 2 of HCG diet. You do not need to do hard exercise to lose weight on HCG diet. This is because it is the work of the HCG to burn stubborn fats in your body.

Be mindful in eating

Focus on your food choices and proper portioning. Improper control in loading will affect your weight loss. It will stop or ruin the work of HCG in your body. Observe a proper control of your intake of calories especially during your VLCD. You are also not allowed to load on too much calorie during your stabilization and maintenance phase.

Healthy food choices

You might accidentally load on foods that are not allowed on the HCG diet. You must be careful of the sugar, carbs, and other ingredients that can sabotage the work of HCG in your weight loss. Unhealthy food choices such as alcohol, sweetened juice, processed meat, dried fruit, and canned vegetables are not allowed. You are encouraged to load on food choices such as freshly picked fruits, vegetables, and other organic products.

Load more on proteins

Proteins are very essential during your HCG diet. Protein controls hunger and cravings. It keeps your stomach full until your next meal. Making your stomach full will lessen the hunger pains during your weight loss. Proteins are also helpful in maintaining the health of your muscle.

Make some changes in your weight so that you will prevent diseases in the future. HCG is a fast weight loss aid that will reach your weight loss goal rapidly. HCG diet is an open door for you to invest something for your health. Control weight gains by doing your HCG diet routine carefully. Do not skip even a single phase for a bigger possibility of reaching your weight loss goal.