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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet



The allowed fruits for Phase 2 of the HCG are extremely limited. One of them is apple. This fruit is cultivated worldwide and it plays a big role in human health. Apple is also accessible anywhere and it has various varieties. It’s high in fiber and other nutrients that are beneficial during the HCG diet.

The benefits of apple on Phase 2 of the HCG diet

  • Apples are good for weight loss
  • It is good for your heart and prevents stroke
  • Apple can lower the risk of having diabetes or certain cancer
  • It has compounds that fight asthma
  • It is rich in vitamins, minerals, and other important nutrients
  • It has properties that fight against free radicals
  • Apple also enables smooth digestion
  • It relieves constipation, water weights, and diarrhea
  • It can also lower cholesterol levels and improves your focus

How many apples can you have per day on the HCG diet?

You can have at least 2 apples for the entire day. You can eat apples during lunch and dinner or have it in between meals. Apples are low in calories and it is naturally sweet. This only means that you can eat them if you want to satisfy your sweet tooth. Just remember that you are only allowed to have 500 calories per day during Phase 2.

Do eating apples help in digestion during the VLCD?

Apple can partly help in improving the digestion of foods. It is rich in soluble fiber that helps digestion of foods in your small intestine. The fiber content of this fruit is very filling. It gives a feeling of fullness during the very low-calorie intake. A fiber-rich food such as apple helps in improving gastrointestinal health.

Does eating apple improves metabolism during the HCG diet?

An apple a day helps jumpstart the work of your metabolism. This food will aid the HCG if you are struggling to lose more weight. The apple fruit is allowed on the HCG diet protocol because it contains a lot of fluid. These fluids will improve the metabolism and cleanses your body from the cause of slower weight loss.

The “Apple day” on the HCG diet

The “apple day” is the term used when you have to eat nothing but apples for the entire day. The purpose of the apple day on the HCG diet is to correct plateaus and weight gain. The “apple day” is one of the weight correctors allowed on the HCG diet. You have to eat 6 to 7 apples for the entire day until you recover your weight. The apple will regain the balance of calories in your body during the VLCD.

When would you do the “Apple day” on the HCG diet?

You have to do the apple day if your weight remains the same for 3 consecutive days. This is also needed when you gain more pounds than your last weigh-in. You begin at lunch and continue until just before lunch the following day. You have to stay hydrated when doing this process. Weigh yourself every day to track your progress.