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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet



Food calories maintain the energy supply in your body. It is vital to keep your body function well for the whole day. But, too many calories are harmful. It causes rapid deposition of fats and weight gain. When you eat more and move less, you are at risk of weight gain. Too much calorie intake is the leading cause of obesity.

The HCG ensures you are burning more calories than you take in. No matter if you are incorporating an exercise routine or not. You have to maintain weight loss until your reach your goal.

Exercise and HCG diet

Intense workouts defeat the mechanism of the diet hormone in your body. It can slow down your metabolic process. Heavy exercises can also stall your weight. But, light activities such as stretching and yoga are permissible.

Here are some activities help stave off excess calories during the HCG diet

  1. Running. It is an easy activity than intense workouts. Running for ten to fifteen minutes burns at least 100 calories. It improves metabolism and blood flow. You can do it twice a week. Running strengthens your muscle.
  2. Dancing. It is a social activity that you can incorporate into the HCG diet. Dancing is a home exercise that eliminates excess calories. After your breakfast, you can set live music in your room. This activity helps in maintaining cardiovascular health.
  3. Cleaning. Get into the mood of cleaning and arranging your things. It keeps your body moving and results in fat burning. Constant drive while vacuuming every inch of your room will burn 100 calories.
  4. Walk. This activity improves your balance. Walking can reduce your risk of cardiovascular diseases. It is a light exercise that aids the HCG in burning your fats. You can do walking for ten to fifteen minutes per session.
  5. Swimming. It is a relaxing activity that burns calories. Swimming is less feeling that you are exercising. It helps regulate blood sugar in minimal effort. For every 30 minutes of swimming, you will burn at least 100 calories.

These methods are good ideas you can do during the HCG diet. They are activities that will not abuse your strength. Most of these works can fit if you have a busy lifestyle.

Do light activities maximize the result of the HCG diet?

Light exercise burns calories but, it cannot cause rapid weight loss. Light activities will assist the HCG  in reaching the stubborn fats in your body. You can lose weight without working out during the HCG diet. The best thing you can do is maintain your HCG dosage. It helps in resetting your metabolism for rapid fat burning.

Can you build muscle on the HCG diet?

One of the advantages of the HCG diet from other regimens is preserving muscle mass. It releases stubborn fats from your body while it strengthens your muscle. The activities that burn calories also help in building firm muscle. The HCG diet does not cause saggy skin because it burns fats and improves your lean mass.