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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet



Doing healthy eating habits is restrictive and confusing for other people. The food they thought is from plants and plants alone. That may sound boring! However, you can spice up and create healthy plant recipes. One important part of a diet is loading up on healthy foods. These healthy foods are mostly found in veggies and fruits. This will make you stop the processed food. In the HCG diet you can also have lean meat and fish. A healthy diet can keep you away from the risk of severe diseases.

Eating fruits and vegetables has a lot of nutrients. These are the number one source of healthy and nutritious food. Mostly sold in the market are delicious but unhealthy ones. Such as; process meat, canned goods and fruits and etc. Healthy fruits and veggies promote your health. Food choices will also limit exposure to toxic substances. Be wise enough and chose HCG diet foods.

HCG Promotes Fiber

Fiber slows the absorption of carbs. They have less effect on blood sugar and give other health benefits. They are resistant to the action of the digestive enzyme. Fiber helps the HCG in pushing away toxins in the body.

No sugar and starch on HCG diet

This is effective during the VLCD. Sugar and starch are the cause of weight gain. These are the number one source of fats and other unhealthy things. During the diet, you have to stay away from these things. Stay away from soda, white bread, chocolates and etc. The only sweetener that is allowed in HCG is stevia. Starch and sugars are the main contributors to weight gain.

A healthy diet means zero process foods

The HCG diet protocol does not allow any amount of processed food. They have highly refined sugar. This instantly adds to your weight. Processed foods contain additives that are harmful to health. They may taste good but they are unhealthy. The mixture of these foods makes the original source fade. HCG does not allow process food. It is because it is more exposed to bad bacteria that may spoil quickly. In short, these are lack vitamins and minerals.

Benefits of HCG diet

Unlike any other diet, HCG promotes a healthy lifestyle. This is a health-friendly protocol. HCG diet is known for its rapid weight loss action. It works amazingly in the body. Thus, targets the unreached stored fats and burns them. As we lose weight, we also became healthy. HCG keeps you away from unhealthy living. Thus, burns fat without harming the muscles. HCG diet is beneficial for obese people. This way of diet helps dieters reach their weight loss goal. Overall, HCG promotes weight loss and a healthy diet.