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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet



How in the world cheating is okay? It brings a big impact on the HCG diet. However, there are few tips on how to cheat smart in the diet duration. No more deprivation. You can cheat in a good way on the HCG diet. Follow each tip wisely or you’ll end up gaining. If you cannot follow then do not dare to do it. Do not do this in Phase 2 of the diet protocol.

  • Do not eat carbs- If you want to eat choose something that is zero in carbs. Choose HCG diet proteins, veggies, and fruits. Carbs are less nutritious. Eat healthy foods that help the diet and help your craving. Plan and prepare meals ahead of time. Keep foods that are nutritious. The calorie count may go high as expected but you are still avoiding carbs.
  • The proper loading- Improper loading is cheating. Loading up properly is a tip. This is very essential for you to proceed with phase 2.
  • Clean cheat on proteins- Protein has a lot of nutritional benefits needed for weight loss. If hunger strikes on, you may load up proteins. Beef jerky is an example of protein. Make sure not to overeat and see to it that all the visible fats are removed.
  • Bring fruit and veggies- Fruits and veggies are your best friends. You can grab an apple, orange,s or grapefruits. They are great for snacks and they are easy to grab foods. Keep some in your bag when you go out somewhere. Grab them the moment that you feel like cheating.

These tips are made not to push you to cheat. This is to give you smart tips when cheating comes in the door of the diet. There are several strategies to get through the diet without cheating. If you want to lose weight rapidly, the best thing to do is not to cheat at all. Take note that: cheating for one day in phase 2 is a big disaster for the diet. Do whatever you can to avoid cheating.

Do not the following:

  • Eating unapproved foods- No matter how hungry you do not eat unapproved foods. Drink water instead. Water can help in curbing hunger. Stick to HCG-approved foods. Unapproved foods may break the rapid weight loss.
  • Avoid eating in restaurants- Do not eat in restaurants even for one meal. Stick to the requirement of the HCG diet. Foods in restaurants don’t fill out the needs of the diet. Unapproved foods can throw away the goal you want to reach. Stick to cooking your own meal.

Stick to the very low-calorie diet. Make sure to meet up all the requirements for the diet. If you can’t stop cheating, then cheat in a good way.