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Preparing on the HCG diet needs best choices. Take special considerations in every food choices. We must carefully select each food. There is an exact measure of the allowed food in each serving. Your food must not exceed from in 500 calories per day. Calories must be carefully controlled.

  • Protein- This is an organic product that has amino acid. This is vital in all living organisms. Proteins are important, especially in the body muscle. This is a special dietary component that has macronutrient.
  • Vegetables- Vegetables provide various nutrients. This is known as a superfood. It provides fiber, potassium, and vitamins. HCG diet vegetable choices are the best.
  • Fruits- These are vital for the maintenance of the health. It reduces the risk of diseases such as stroke. It also has the property to control bone loss as you get older.

HCG Foods with Benefit

Here some of the HCG foods and their benefits to the body:

  • Read Meat- This is from the protein category. It has vitamin B for the proper function of the system. Red meat is beneficial for a person who has iron deficiency. It helps in increasing the vitamin D levels. HCG allows red meat like lean ground beef.
  • Chicken ribs- This is one of the best sources of protein. It helps in stabilizing blood sugar. Chicken ribs have mineral and sodium that fits on HCG diet. It is used for the blood cell maintenance.
  • Whitefish- It has a unique advantage that is widely known. It lowers fats and a good source of omega 3. This is vital in the cardiovascular system. Whitefish controls blood pressure levels. It is also responsible for cholesterol levels.
  • Apples- It has a great amount of fiber. It increases good bacteria in the digestive tract. Apples are packed with nutrients and antioxidant. It protects and prevents the risk of lung cancer.
  • Oranges- These are a great snack. Oranges are one source of vitamin C. It is responsible for the overall health. It fights against cancer. This also helps in preventing kidney stones.
  • Strawberries- It has the highest level of antioxidant. This can prevent cholesterol that damages the vessels. Strawberries regulate blood sugar levels. It controls the breakdown of starches.
  • Spinach- this is one of the richest food. It has vitamins, antioxidant, and minerals. Spinach fights against cancer and other illnesses. This is a good choice for the HCG diet. It fights against prostate, skin and breast cancer.
  • Lettuce- It is good food for cardiovascular health. It has beta carotene. It protects that blood vessel from any damage. Lettuce reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack.
  • Tomatoes- It improves bone health. It controls the level of the platelets in the blood. It has lycopene and gives protection to the body.